Teepee White Mist

Brand: LittleNomad
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LittleNOMAD's teepee is a perfect gift for your loved ones. A teepee is a wonderful shelter where children can release their imagination and creativity. A cozy place to play, read or rest. It can be a castle, a spaceship, a reading nook, but also a great decoration for your house. 

LittleNOMAD’s teepee is designed to match any other furniture and to look appealing in a kidsroom or a living room. For indoor&outdoor use. Easy and quick installation. Thanks to its pentagon shape, LittleNOMAD’s teepees match a corner of a room, giving a maximum space to play. 

All LittleNOMAD's teepees include a set of five poles! 

Natural materials: 100% cotton, wood 

This teepee contains of: 1 teepee canvas, five wooden poles, 1 plywood feather, 1 cotton rope. 

Hand crafted in EU. 

Please note: We do not make custom orders. All LittleNOMAD's teepees are made in one size. 
The wooden poles come natural. 
Teepee canvas can be mashine washed max.30°C and ironed.
Air dry. Never place tent in the dryer.


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